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Our Focus

Ultimate knowledge and understanding of LiDAR and remote sensing data
The full chain from hardware to customer application


We are experts in both conventional and unconventional, fully customized mobile laser scanning hardware development, including personal, mobile and UAV-based laser scanning


Be it personal, terrestrial, UAV-based or airborne laser scanning, we’ve got you covered.


Turning data into valuable informatics – whether your field is forestry, agriculture, engineering, construction, planning, infrastructure or logistics, we’ve got the right solution for you


Your R&D; partner in your most vital developments – we’ll get your business going with the right tools and methods to get the most out of your data


We have deep knowledge in individual tree inventory, area-based technologies, change detection, and other point cloud processing.

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Want to develop your navigation services, or your engineering products? We can cover everything from hardware to applications.

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About Us

Turning your data into valuable information

Having large amounts of data is only a small part of the problem

Laser scanning enables improved performance and better cost-efficiency in a vast variety of applications. We have 20 years of experience in applying LiDAR technology in the field of forestry, and our combined experience is over 80 years. Other applications, such as environmental studies, engineering, urban planning and 3D city modelling are also familiar to us.

Solid Potato Oy is a Centre of Excellence in Laser Scanning Research-borne spin-off. It has highest quality knowledge in laser scanning, mobile mapping, remote sensing, UAV laser scanning, photogrammetry, geodesy, geomatics, 3D modelling of objects and precision forestry. In the past, we have participated in more than 50 international projects, out of which we have coordinated more than 10. The founders have also made 10 unofficial world records in the field of laser scanning, mobile mapping and forest informatics.

Laser Data

Personal, terrestrial, mobile, UAV or airborne

Image Data

Terrestrial, airborne or satellite

Other Data Sources

Hyperspectral, thermal, GIS and many more

Our Magic

Understanding the data

Our Team

They are the people working to provide you the best experiences.

Juha Hyyppä

CTO, Prof.

Professor of Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry, Adjunct Prof. in Laser Scanning, distinguished professorship (JPN) for laser scanning for forest resources, Director of CoE-LaSR. 25 years of experience in research team leadership.

Harri Kaartinen

Senior technologist (TLS), Prof.

He is one of the most cited researchers in the world in mobile mapping and laser scanning. There is nothing Harri can’t measure accurately. His educational background is in geodesy (M.Sc.) and Dr. Sc. in photogrammetry and remote sensing.

Antero Kukko

Senior technologist (MLS), Dr.Sc.

Antero is the go-to-guy concerning all things mobile. Dr.Sc. in mobile mapping related photogrammetry and remote sensing. He is one of world best researchers in this field.

Anttoni Jaakkola

Senior technologist (UAV-LS), Dr.Sc.

The inventor of the world’s first UAV-based laser scanning system and creator of more than 10 mobile laser scanning systems. Dr. Sc. in automation technology.

Xiaowei Yu

Senior technologist (Forestry), Dr.Sc.

Expert of point cloud processing, especially in forest informatics. Dr. Sc. in photogrammetry and remote sensing.

Eric Hyyppä

Research Manager

Has references from national physical and chemistry competitions (ranked as #1 in both in 2015). His personal interest includes solving difficult problems with modern ITC technologies.


Some of our success stories

World’s first individual tree based forest inventory system using ALS

World’s first backpack personal laser scanning system
World’s first change detection with ALS in forest inventory
World’s first photogrammetric ALS point densification

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